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Point Shooting is the Best Method for Using a Handgun in Self Defense

You hear a noise in the night and realize that someone has broken into your home. Your property, your life, and the lives of those you care most about are in sudden danger. Like many Americans, you own a handgun for self defense, but are you prepared to use it?

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When it comes to home invasion defense, you can't take chances. Personal home protection requires not only that you own a handgun, but that you know how to use it. Your shooting accuracy is obviously important, but it is not the only skill you need in your home invasion defense arsenal.

When the unthinkable happens, you need to trust your instincts, and that's what point shooting is all about. The Gregg Method of Fire Control is written by Jim Gregg, and it was written with self defense in mind. The purpose of this book is to familiarize you with the instinctive shooting method, for your own personal home protection and home invasion defense.

What makes Gregg's point shooting method so special?

Jim Gregg's Self Defense Methods are Proven

Jim Gregg's book on point shooting fully illustrates the step-by-step methods used in training more than 12,500 police, deputy sheriffs, U.S. Border Patrol Agents and civilians during the past 42 years. These valuable techniques are perfectly suited for home invasion defense. Gregg's book details how he began research into, and later perfected, the methods used in learning the origin of accuracy in point shooting shotguns and handguns.

Point shooting is a state of mind, and it's a technique anyone can learn. Jim Gregg has been teaching this method to students for decades, and this revolutionary system is now available to anyone in book form.

From law enforcement training to border patrol training, Gregg has done it all. He not only helps marksmen improve their shooting accuracy, but gives them the confidence they need to handle bad guys without any advance warning.

Home protection is no different. When a bad guy breaks into your home, you don't have time to think - you have to ACT. Gregg's point shooting method is proven effective, and it's why he has been chosen for law enforcement training and border patrol training so often in the past.

While assessing your own self defense abilities consider that 85% to 100% of Gregg's students can make the "Hole in One Club" (Five bullets touching each other at 15') within the first 150 rounds of fire. You can't argue with shooting accuracy results like that, but there are other elements to Gregg's training that are designed to give you a resounding edge when it comes to home protection.

Self Defense

It's Called Instinct Shooting for a Reason

Home protection isn't something you can prepare for, because every case involving self defense is unique. Preparation for home invasion must be internalized so that it becomes instinctual. How does something like self defense become instinctual?

Consider the professional football player. At one time his talent was raw athleticism, but through years of coaching his actions become automatic and refined. Athletes often call this state of mind being "in the zone," and this is what point shooting is all about.

If you are faced with a home invasion scenario, you don't have the luxury of uncertainty. A home invasion demands resolute self defense, for the protection of your home and property. Gregg's instinct shooting book will describe this process in detail, so that you can sleep well at night knowing that if a home invasion requires action, you will be ready at a moment's notice.

When that decisive moment comes, and hopefully it never will, it is your subconscious that will pull the trigger. Learning this technique has never been easier or more affordable, so if you are responsible for your personal home protection then you owe it to yourself to read Gregg's book.

Order The Gregg Method of Fire Control Today

Gregg's book is more than just a shooting manual; it is one man's journey toward revolutionizing self defense and home protection. Don't be caught off guard if a home invasion happens to you. Protect yourself instinctually.

"Jim Gregg's method of training has given Border Patrol Agents in this sector realistic firearms training that we feel better prepares them for conditions found in deadly confrontations." -John Montoya Chief U.S.B.P. Chief Patrol Agents' Association, Laredo, Texas

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